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Thank You, S.C. Lawmakers, For Fixing Our Roads And Making Us A Winner!

Watch the video below and say thanks to the legislators who passed the roads bill...


On May 10, 2017,  the South Carolina House and Senate overwhelmingly approved a bill that delivers tax relief to hardworking families, reforms the Department of Transportation and provides long term funding for our state’s roads and bridges.  The legislators listed below made it happen.

The business community wants to thank lawmakers of both parties for showing true leadership this year and doing the right thing for the people of South Carolina. Join us in thanking them for their hard work.

A Special Thanks To These House Members:

Terry Alexander

Carl Anderson

Mike Anthony

Katie Arrington

Lucas Atkinson

Todd Atwater

Jimmy Bales

Nathan Ballentine

Justin Bamberg

Bruce Bannister

Beth Bernstein

Bart Blackwell

Bill Bowers

Jeff Bradley

Robert Brown

Micah Caskey

Gary Clary

Alan Clemmons

Bill Clyburn

Gilda Cobb-Hunter

William Cogswell

Derham Cole

Heather Ammons Crawford

Bill Crosby

Joseph Daning

Sylleste Davis

Greg Delleney

Chandra Dillard

MaryGail Douglas

Greg Duckworth

Shannon Erickson

Raye Felder

Kirkman Finlay

Cal Forrest

Mike Forrester

Russell Fry

Laurie Slade Funderburk

Craig Gagnon

Wendell Gilliard

Jerry Govan

Kevin Hardee

Chris Hart

Jackie Hayes

Phyllis Henderson

Pat Henegan

Bill Herbkersman

Lee Hewitt

Bill Hixon

Lonnie Hosey

Leon Howard

Chip Huggins

Joseph H. Jefferson

Jeff Johnson

Jay Jordan

John Richard C. King

Roger Kirby

Patsy Knight

Phillip Lowe

Jay Lucas

David J. Mack

Rick Martin

Peter McCoy

John McCravy

Joe McEachern

Cezar McKnight

Steve Moss

Chris Murphy

Brandon Michael Newton

Weston J. Newton

Mandy Powers Norrell

Russell Ott

Anne Parks

Mike Pitts

Tommy Pope

Robert Ridgeway

Michael Rivers

Samuel Rivers

Leola Robinson-Simpson

Todd Rutherford

Mike Ryhal

Gary Simrill

Murrell Smith

James Smith

Mike Sottile

Kit Spires

Leon Stavrinakis

Eddie Tallon

Ivory Torrey Thigpen

Jay West

William Wheeler

Seth Whipper

Brian White

Bill Whitmire

Robert Williams

Richie Yow


It will only take you a second, but your kind words will make a difference.

A Special Thanks To These Senators:

Thomas Alexander

Karl Allen

Sean Bennett

Paul Campbell

Ronnie Cromer

Mike Fanning

Mike Gambrell

Stephen Goldfinch

Greg Gregory

Larry Grooms

Brad Hutto

Darrell Jackson

Kevin Johnson

Marlon Kimpson

Hugh Leatherman

Gerald Malloy

John Matthews

Margie Bright Matthews

Thomas McElveen

Mia McLeod

Floyd Nicholson

Luke Rankin

Glenn Reese

Ronnie Sabb

John Scott

Sandy Senn

Nikki Setzler

Katrina Shealy

Vincent Sheheen

Scott Talley


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