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McMaster makes his mark on roads bill

True to his word, South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster has vetoed the roads bill sent to him Tuesday by the General Assembly. The final version of the bill provides for tax relief, DOT reform and, of course, much better roads.

According to the Post & Courier, McMaster attached to his veto a brief message to lawmakers calling the roads bill inefficient.

So, now what?

It now falls on the State House and Senate to override McMaster’s veto, which shouldn’t be a problem if the veto-proof majorities hold. The bill passed both legislative bodies with more than the two-thirds votes required to override a veto.

But with so much attention on this critical issue, the previous vote totals cannot be taken for granted.

If want to see South Carolina win again, then you need to make sure your Senator and Representative do the right thing and vote to override McMaster’s veto.

Follow this link to get information for contacting your legislators. And then pick up the phone and make your voice heard right away!

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