sc's deadly roads: a family's story

Watch the Heartbreaking Story of a Family Devastated by Our Losing Roads

Amy and David Lee lost their 19-year-old daughter Grayson Ann Lee, when she ran off the road and hit a tree in the median near mile marker 183 on I-26 in 2014. The Lees say the area should have been lined with cable barriers which could have saved their daughter’s life.

This heartbreaking video is from The State newspaper:

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Road conditions are a factor in a third of fatal wrecks. Last year 975 drivers were killed on SC roads, meaning nearly 300 people likely died as a result of the state’s severely underfunded network of crumbling roads and decaying bridges.

South Carolina’s roads are consistently ranked among the worst in the nation, with the state seeing the highest rate of fatalities in America.

The Palmetto State is also home to the nation’s fourth-largest network of state-maintained roads, yet invests the least per mile of any state in the country.

The South Carolina State Senate has until May 11 to pass a dedicated roads funding bill or the state’s highway crisis will continue for at least another year.

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  1. The legislature of SC keeps talking about the need for fixing and improving SC roads, but they legislate for other things! The roads benefit everyone. Fix the roads in SC. I am tired of bumping along highways and byways.

  2. My wife and I have recently moved to South Carolina for reasons beyond my control. I already knew about the high traffic fatality rate here, and now I can see why. The people of this state (or is it just the legislature?) don’t seem to value highway safety very much – – Dangerous unrepaired potholes and winding country roads with no shoulders, for starters. The cost in property destruction and lost lives far exceeds the increase in road taxes that it would take to fix this!

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