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Pitts: Cost of Losing Continues to Rise With Senate’s Inaction

South Carolina Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Ted Pitts sent out a blistering statement yesterday about the rising cost of losing after the State Senate once again adjourned for the week without passing a roads bill.

Here’s what Pitts had to say on Thursday afternoon:

In the business world, employees are out of work if they don’t do their jobs. So of course the business community is disappointed that the Senate headed home early – at 3:00 PM on Thursday – after taking a vacation last week. The cost of the Senate’s inaction continues to rise.

Senators should follow the House’s lead and work together to find a compromise that gets a super majority support. With only nine legislative days left this session, we’re are still hopeful that Senators pass a long-term funding solution for infrastructure. The people of South Carolina expect them to find that solution before going home for summer vacation because we can’t wait another year to fix our roads and bridges.

The State Senate will return Tuesday morning to pick up with the roads debate, which dragged on and on and on last week as a small handful of obstructionist Senators held the floor with dozens of proposed amendments.

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  1. Need to have a steady income to fix roads and gas tax is best because one third will be paid from drivers traveling through our state. To me it’s a no brainer

  2. Pass the gas tax bill to fix the roads. Those of us who use the roads should pay for the maintenance. A 2 cent per gallon per year increase will not hurt anyone.

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