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Letter: Lawmakers diddle as roads crumble [Greenville News]

The South Carolina Senate is on vacation right now. Meanwhile, our roads aren’t getting any better, and one Greer resident (along with thousands of South Carolinians) is getting pretty sick of it.

From yesterday’s Greenville News:

We here in the Palmetto State have been postponing repairing our deteriorating roads and bridges since before I moved here 11 years ago. The citizens of the state could have probably paid for the repairs twice at the lower costs 11 years ago. But here we are still arguing about it, while cars are being damaged and people are dying because they run off our narrow roads with no shoulders. Penny wise and pound foolish, big time!

This is not a Republican vs. Democratic fight. This is a problem against sanity. Are we going to continue to argue about killing ourselves and our children, or fix the roads and bridges? It is only going to cost more next week. The longer the gang in Columbia diddle, the more the rest of us are going to pay! Maybe the answer is to deduct the cost from the legislators’ salaries. I’m sure that will go over big time.

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If you haven’t already, now would be a good time to call YOUR Senator and tell him or her that you expect the Senate to pass a roads bill before they adjourn for the year on May 11. Click here to find your Senator and get their contact information.

If you want your roads fixed, folks… you need to make that call today! Tell the Senate to quit diddlin’ and get fixin’!

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