Every week, you are losing because we aren't fixing our crumbling roads.

We’re tired of losing.

The year 2016 was all about winning and losing.

As Americans, South Carolinians, and individuals, we all learned about the consequences of winning and losing.

In this state, we care a lot about winning. It’s ingrained in our history, our culture and our way of life. Perhaps nowhere else in the country is anyone prouder of who they are and where they come from.

That’s why it’s time we all team up to make sure South Carolina starts winning again by fixing our state’s crumbling, dangerous roads and infrastructure before they turn us all into a bunch of losers.

  • Just 29% of us are driving on “good” pavement right now.
  • Nearly 50% of our roads are considered to be in poor condition.
  • Our road conditions mean we pay $1.1 billion every year in extra vehicle operating costs.
  • 975 lives were lost in 2016 on our poor roads.

It’s been 30 years since the legislature has approved additional recurring funding. Three decades is much too long to watch as short-term fixes and one-time monies are used as temporary patches that soon fail and drive us backward, rather than forward.

It’s no question our roads are a ticking time bomb. But you can help stop the clock by making one simple choice:

  • Make your voice heard by telling your legislator to put us on a winning path or;
  • Keep falling further behind as we continue to add to the cost of losing.

Which choice will YOU make?


Every year that we delay fixing our roads…

SC Drivers will pay an extra
$0 million
as roads worsen.

SC will miss out on
$0 million
In road money from out-of-state drivers.

SC Drivers will continue to pay
$0+ billion
more in vehicle repair costs.

More than
0 people
will die.

The Cost of Losing is an initiative launched by a coalition of the Palmetto State’s chambers of commerce. We are made up of more than 18,000 businesses statewide, large and small.

South Carolina wins if we finish the job on roads in 2017: pass a bill that makes our roads and bridges safer and stronger because that kind of investment will save lives, grow our economy and attract good jobs to our state.

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We are losing.

We are losing money. We are losing time. We are losing lives. All because of our embarrassing, decaying, and deadly roads, bridges, and infrastructure.

But there is a path to victory…

The South Carolina State Senate will soon vote on a bill to finally begin the process of fixing our dangerous roads and bridges. Unfortunately, some Senators oppose this plan for political reasons. Before those Senators vote, they need to hear from you.

That’s why it’s crucial for you, as a South Carolinian, to pick up the phone and CALL YOUR SENATOR.

There is no “Plan B.” There is no viable alternative. There are no more options. There are no other roads to take. This moment is all we have.

Believe it or not, your State Senator will listen to you. YOUR CALL WILL MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE. But you have to speak up now. Tomorrow may be too late.

Let’s stop putting up with losing propositions that are only short-term, short-sighted and that end up costing South Carolinians more money.

Tell your State Senator to pass the roads bill so we can start winning.

Winning & Losing

We can no longer afford to make excuses or lay blame. Our roads have been in steady decline for decades. If we act now, we can win again. If we don’t act, we will lose. Here’s what that means…

Losing means

Lost lives as a result of our deteriorating roads.

Winning means

Safer, smoother roads and bridges.

Call Your Senator Today!

Losing means

Lost jobs and economic development opportunities.

Winning means

Greater job growth and economic development.

Call Your Senator Today!

Losing means

Lost hours stuck in needless traffic congestion.

Winning means

Less time sitting in traffic for no reason.

Call Your Senator Today!

“Fixing South Carolina’s dangerous roads and bridges should be the greatest priority for this legislative session.”

— Jay Lucas, S.C. House Speaker

“If infrastructure continues to deteriorate, it can become a substantial roadblock to bringing more business in.”

— Jack Sanders, CEO of Hartsville-based Sonoco

“The state’s infrastructure could be our largest asset, the taxpayers’ largest asset. Our roads and bridges belong to the taxpayers. We need our political leaders to adequately maintain that infrastructure.”

— Ted Pitts, CEO of the S.C. Chamber of Commerce

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